Episode 48 - Cropin & Campin: Coffee Makers For Campers

Episode 48 - Cropin & Campin: Coffee Makers For Campers

In this episode, we break down the best coffee makers for camping and tell you why they're no good.

Ever tried to make a coffee for a group of people with your Aeropress? You can't do it. What about packing all the kit needed to brew up a fresh pot with a v60? You're dreaming. We tell you what to look for in a camping coffee maker and which one to pick up for your next camping trip . Aaron starts at the top and lists slightly worse and worse rating coffee solutions for campers and why each of them just won't cut it on your next camping trip.

Then we deep dive into how blockchain technology is helping traceability, and transparency with green coffee buying by providing a decentralised system in which origin fraud, quality fraud, and (by one Egyptian company in) blatant copyright fraud can be prevented.

Aaron couldn't care less. Turns out he welcomes sticks, husks, and other debris filler in his morning cup of coffee. Then Chris tells us about a celebrity's coffee order.

Also in this episode:

Coffeenomics: C-Price lower
Health Advice: A Celebrity Needs Chris' Help
Ad Read: TOPHER15 gets you 15% off

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