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Episode 47 - The Valley of Death: When Small Business Scales Up

Episode 47 - The Valley of Death: When Small Business Scales Up

A business focussed episode this week as we talk about the Valley of Death; that perilous journey every small business faces when they decide to scale up.

It's a decision that all businesses face after a short time, including ours. Aaron leads our discussion and asks us what drives a small business owner to make that leap? Is it money, is it ego, is it something else?

Why isn't it enough for a business owner to be a big fish in a little pond, - why is there an overwhelming drive for businesses to grow? What would Chris do if he owned a successful sandwich shop?

Also in this episode; Snoop Dogg has launched a cold brew coffee, so who could Filament partner with from WA to help us launch our next cold brew? And Chris tells us that since Covid 19, young people are drinking more coffee, but buying it less.


Coffeenomics: C-Price has remained stable.
Health Advice With Chris: David Rotas isn't dead (yet).
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Daily Coffee News: Snoop Dogg AB-inbev

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