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How to Brew FAQs

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The peak, or highest point of the brew bags arms sit on the rim of the cup. It will snap into place when it's on properly. Take a look at the video above if you're unsure.

Definitely not, our drip filter coffee bags work with any kettle - no fancy gooseneck kettles needed.

Between 2 and a half and 3 minutes. Keep the brew bag topped up without waiting for it to drain completely - avoid filling right to the brim and you'll get a consistent brew.

All coffees are different, so you will see variation between coffee types, but this is a good time guideline.

If you're taking longer, read on.

You are probably waiting too long between top-up pours.

Don't wait for the bag to be completely empty of the water before you top it up. Let it drain a little, and then top it back up so the coffee can brew evenly.

Try not to fill the bag to the brim with water as you'll see beads of water escape from the side of the bag without going through the coffee, this will make your coffee taste weak.

It is a delicate balance of keeping the water level up in the bag, just not to the brim.

The simplest way is to measure out a cup of water (close enough to 250mL), put this in your kettle, boil it and pour it all out.

No, it isn't exactly 250mL but it'll do. Once you've brewed once you will see where the fill level in your cup is and you can simply replicate for your next brew without needing to measure out water first.

Absolutely, no need to worry if the brewed coffee in your cup catches up to the bottom of the brew bag. If you like a strong coffee, you can let it sit for a little while after you've finished pouring.

A weak tasting offee may mean you've used too much water, or filled the brew bag too high with each pour (water beads can escape out the side, bypassing the coffee and weakening the flavour).

Make sure you're using only 250mL and don't fill the bag right to the brim. If it is still tasting too weak for you, use less than 250mL of water on your next brew.

A strong tasting coffee may mean you've not used enough water, or it took a long time to brew.

Make sure you're using 250mL and keep topping the bag up steadily to make sure the brew is within 2 and a half to 3 and a half minutes (each coffee is different, being a different variety, different grind size and requring different brewing times).

If it is still tasting too strong for you, use more than 250mL of water on your next brew.