Brewing with Filament Coffee's single cup filter bags

1. Open

Tear along the perforate line. Oh wow.

2. Pull

Pull out the arms of the brew bag from the bottom. Steady now.

3. Hang

Hang over your favourite mug. That's neat.

4. Pour

250ml of boiled water. Fill, then let the bag drain and repeat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Kitchen scales or a simple measuring cup is best. You only need to do this the first time, so you can see where 250ml finishes in your cup, then you'll know.

Hold each side of the paper 'arms' at the bottom and pull them away from the bag. Rest the peak of each arm on the rim of your cup. You'll know it's on when it snaps into place.

Absolutley not! The bags are wide enough for any kettle/ jug/ thermos to pour into.

Between 2 and a half and 3 and a half minutes is a good guide. Every coffee is different, with a different grind size so it can vary. It is also a personal preference too - if you like it stronger, brew it longer!

It's best to keep from overfilling by letting the bag drain between short pours, but a small overflow won't ruin your morning cup.