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The 10-second Iced Latte is here.

Slash customer wait times & take pressure off your busy barista this Summer with the Iced Espresso Keg System. 
Pouring now at:

Slash wait times

Reduce staff stress

Boost take home profit

Stop losing customers to long lines this Summer.

Long lines are a clear sign of service strain. The hassle of iced drink preparation adds even more pressure to your barista in Summer, causing delays and quality drop off. 

Your customers are busy too! If you make them wait they'll go down the road for their coffee.

Let's slash wait times and ease workflow pressure with the Iced Espresso Keg System


Unmatched Speed 🚀

Say goodbye to cross-armed customers waiting. They're on their way OR they have their iced latte in hand while they wait for their food.

Unbeatable Taste 😛

Stop pulling hot shots for cold coffee. Goodbye luke-warm, watery iced lattes. Goodbye bitter ice long blacks.

Streamlined Service ⚡️

Your barista will not stop smiling. Instantly increase capacity on the espresso machine to slash hot coffee wait times too.

Here's how
it works

Serving delicious, ice-cold iced lattes in seconds is as easy as 1-2-3
Iced Espresso replaces the hot espresso shot
✔️ Served Fresh on Tap
✔️ Deliciously Ice-Cold
✔️ Better Tasting Iced Latte

Iced lattes now skip the espresso machine 
✔️ Happy Barista
✔️ Faster Service
✔️ Eases Workflow Pressure

Now any staff member can make iced lattes
✔️ Anyone can make iced lattes
✔️ Barista skills not required
✔️ Learn in 5 minutes

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying


"Customers love the punchy flavour"

“Plus it's super efficient. Consistent quality every single time, it's magic!”
Liv | Dropinz Coffee, Mullaloo

"Staff love it"

“It takes so much pressure off the morning rush. Customers don't even get a chance to sit to wait before their coffee is ready”
Paul | Urban Kitchen, Balcatta

"It's all about speed"

"Office customers can walk down, pick up and get back to work without stressing about the wait time. If it's too long, they just don't come back"
Tanz | Don Massimo, Burswood

"Tastes just like an iced latte"

"I was worried about the flavour change from our house espresso blend, but we haven't had a single complaint, so I feel a bit silly!"
Nic | Cranked Coffee, Leederville

Unlock Exceptional Value: Here's What You Get & What it Costs

  • Iced Espresso Keg Fridge & Tap: Valued at $1,020, this sleek system is your key to rapid, consistent delicious iced-lattes. 
  • N2 Gas Regulator: $220 and access to our top tier N2 gas pricing and delivery.
  • Stainless Steel Kegs: Worth up to $720, we drop them off full, take them away empty for cleaning and sanitising (and refilling!)
  • 12 Months System Maintenance: Worth $199, this service keeps your operation smooth year-round. 
  • On-site Staff Training: A $249 value, our expert training empowers your staff for excellence. 
  • Social Media Content PackageBoost your socials with our $499 social media package. Our team will visit your site, to capture photos and reels you can share with your audience.
  • First Keg Free: Begin profiting immediately with a complimentary keg, serving up to 60 iced-lattes valued at $360

Total value $3,267
Your Investment $899

Install Before 29 February 2024 and save $500

Jump on our end-of-Summer offer to save $500 off the set-up price. We only have 2 more spots left for this offer so click below and book a call with Brendan to lock it in today.


Have Questions?

Click through to read our detailed FAQs and send a message if you'd like to know more or to schedule a 10 minute call.

Let's pour an iced latte in 10 seconds...

Step One: Ice

Fill a cup 2/3 full with ice

Step Two: Milk

Cover the ice with milk

Step Three: Coffee

Fill the gap off tap. Done.

Got questions? 
We've got answers.  

How much does it cost?
There are two price components for the Iced Espresso keg system: the one-time set-up fee (detailed above) and the ongoing cost of the Iced Espresso kegs.

Kegs are priced from just $1.95 per serve to ensure you profit from every pour, with volume discounts to grow your margins as your sales increase. Investing in the Iced Espresso Keg System isn't just a purchase; it's a step towards more profit and less stress.

Is wait time REALLY a concern for my customers?
Yes (and you know it) In Perth's competitive café space, even a minute's delay can cost you loyal customers.

Research shows that customer satisfaction drops after just 5 minutes and 54 seconds. Your customers value their time MORE than they value their coffee.

With our system, you ensure they sacrifice neither; securing their loyalty and your reputation for swift service.
How does an iced latte system reduce customer wait times?
Imagine serving a fresh, delicious iced latte in seconds, even during the busiest hours. 

The Iced Espresso Keg System means iced lattes bypass the espresso machine bottleneck. 

Now your customers spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their coffee; that’s the game.

How does an iced latte system speed up my HOT coffee service?
By freeing up your barista from iced latte orders, the Iced Espresso Keg System instantly increases the capacity for hot coffee.

The espresso machine, no longer bogged down with iced lattes, can churn out hot drinks faster, reducing wait times across the board. 

This efficiency boost benefits not just iced latte lovers but all your customers, enhancing your café's overall service speed.
Can I use my roasters' beans with this system?
Our specially crafted iced latte blend is designed for the perfect cold coffee experience. 

However, we're open to discussing the use of your roaster's beans for significant volumes, but currently our priority is ensuring your café serves the best iced lattes, with a taste your customers will love and come back for.
Will my customers notice a difference in taste?
They'll notice, and they'll love it. Our blend is specially selected for cold coffee, offering a rich, smooth and punchy taste prifle that's perfectly chilled when served. 

The difference isn't just noticeable; it's preferable. Let your customers be the judge, and watch as they choose your iced lattes as their new favourite.
I’m sceptical it tastes better; my customers come to us for our coffee!
No, they don’t. 

Your café's reputation is built on more than just taste; it's the whole experience. Quick service, friendly staff, and consistent quality are what keep customers loyal. 

The Iced Espresso Keg System complements your offerings by providing a consistently delicious and swiftly served iced latte. In Perth's coffee scene, it's about the complete package, and with our system, you deliver just that.
What if my customers prefer the traditional iced latte method?
Your customers will prefer a colder, smoother iced latte served in seconds versus a luke-warm one that takes 10 minutes. Every time.

We've seen one cafe customer go from the traditional method to pouring over 350 Iced Espressos a week, only to have their customers say "that was quick!" and "Wow, it's tasting really good today!"
How does it reduce stress and workload for my staff during busy periods?
Our system is designed with your staff's well-being in mind. By moving a significant volume of orders away from the espresso machine, we eliminate a major bottleneck, reducing the pressure of peak periods. Your team will serve smiling customers faster, and with less chaos. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also improves staff morale, making busy times manageable and even enjoyable
Workflow is key for me; how will the system integrate WITHOUT causing disruption?
We understand the importance of a seamless workflow. That's why we ensure the integration of our system is as non-disruptive as possible. We'll work with you to schedule a quick, efficient installation outside of operating hours. Our goal is to transition your cafe from long lines to slashed wait times overnight, enhancing your workflow rather than interrupting it. We're committed to improving your service, not complicating it

What actual equipment makes up the Iced Espresso Keg System?

The Iced Espresso Keg System is a specialised under-the-counter keg fridge and tap setup. 

18L kegs of the Iced Espresso concentrate are stored inside this fridge, and they connected to the pouring tap by a liquid line. 

The fridge plugs into your standard power outlet.

How simple is the installation process for the system?

We coordinate the complete installation with you. It is a simple and fast process.

Once the fridge is under the counter, then a small hole is needed to feed the line from the fridge up to the tap.

We've installed these fridges on Rottnest Island, in Fiona Stanley Hospital and on the 49th Floor of an office in the city; all are unique and all seamless.

If you're unsure if a fridge will fit your space there are many other options available. Contact us to discuss (we will make it work!)

What if my cafe is space-limited?

If you're unsure if a fridge will fit your space there are other options available. 

Whilst the keg fridge is the best solution, we've had to adjust the standard set up for cafe's with space restrictions previously. 

Contact us to discuss; we'll make it work. Our goal is to enhance your service, not hinder it, no matter the size of your cafe. 
How quickly can I be set-up and pouring?
Act now, and you could be serving iced lattes from our system within the week. The summer rush waits for no one, and every day you're not using our system is a missed opportunity for faster service and happier customers. 

Let's get you set up and pouring without delay.
What maintenance does the system require?
Our system is designed for ease and efficiency, requiring minimal maintenance. 

We handle the routine upkeep for you, and with the first year's maintenance included in your setup fee, you can focus on serving great coffee, not on system upkeep.
Is there specific cleaning requirements for the system?
Simple cleaning procedures ensure the system remains hygienic and efficient. We include these as part of our routine maintenance so you can serve with confidence, knowing every pour is as fresh and clean as the last.
What impact does the system have on my energy use?
Our system is designed to be energy-efficient. The Iced Espresso Keg system can lower your overall energy consumption as it reduces the workload on the espresso machine, the highest energy consumer in most cafes. 

This not only benefits your bottom line but also supports a greener operation.
How reliable is the system during peak hours?
The Effortless Iced Espresso System is built for reliability, especially during your busiest times. Simple, robust and fast. It's designed to handle high demand with ease, ensuring consistent and swift service, no matter the rush
What are the chances of system malfunction or breakdown?
While no system is immune to malfunctions, the Iced Espresso Keg System boasts a low risk due to its design and regular maintenance. Should an issue arise, our responsive team is committed to quick repairs or replacements, minimising any disruption to your service.
Does the system work with various types of milk, including alternatives?
Absolutely, the system is versatile and compatible with all types of milk, including dairy alternatives. The Iced Espresso concentrate is designed to blend perfectly with whatever choice your customers prefer, ensuring a delicious, consistent taste every time.
Consistency is key; how will I manage stock to ensure supply?
We're dedicated to keeping your service seamless. We brew daily and maintain emergency stock, offering prompt reorders and delivery to ensure you never run dry. In the initial phase, we're flexible with ad-hoc orders to help you gauge your average usage, ensuring a steady flow of iced lattes for your customers.
How long will my staff need to learn how to use the system?
Training is quick and straightforward. In just 10 minutes, your staff will grasp the basics of operating the system and pouring perfect iced lattes. We provide easy-to-follow instruction cards, ensuring any staff member can step in and serve, maintaining consistency and quality with every pour.
How do I make sure every pour is consistent? For both taste and profit margin?
We work with you to dial in the perfect iced latte recipe, ensuring a harmonious balance of coffee and milk. A simple recipe card and measures are provided for each serve, guaranteeing consistent taste and volume, keeping your customers satisfied and your margins intact
Is staff training included?
Absolutely, comprehensive staff training is a fundamental part of our setup. Our training covers everything from the recipe, operation, and ordering process. This system is not just a tool; it's a service enhancement, and we ensure your team is fully equipped to deliver its best.
Is marketing support provided with the system?
Yes, we go beyond just supplying equipment. Our marketing team will create engaging content for your café, capturing the essence of your new offering through videos, reels, and photos. This material is not only used on our channels but is also provided to you, boosting your marketing efforts and attracting more customers.
Is it suitable for smaller volume cafes?
The Iced Espresso Keg System is most impactful for cafes with long lines who want them to move faster. If you’re a small-volume cafe or just starting out, it may not be the best investment yet. That being said, if you’re stretched for staff, the system has a big benefit in the hot weather regardless of your size; contact us and let’s work it out together.
Do you offer a trial period for testing the system?
While we don't have a traditional trial period, we operate with a no-lock-in contract policy. We're confident in the value and service our system provides and are committed to working with you to ensure it meets your needs and expectations. Plus you can taste test and see it in action in your cafe before installation.
When will I see results from the Iced Espresso Keg System?
You'll notice a significant reduction in wait times immediately. As your team quickly adapts to the new workflow, you'll see an increase in efficiency, happier customers, and a more relaxed atmosphere. These changes not only improve the customer experience but also boost your staff's morale and your café's reputation
What if it doesn't work for me?
Our commitment is to your satisfaction and success. If you follow our guidelines and don't see the promised improvements in service speed and customer satisfaction, we'll refund your setup fee and remove the system. We're here to support your growth, not hinder it.
Ok, I’m interested. What’s the next step?
Click HERE to contact Brendan to arrange a catch-up to taste test and discuss installation and pricing.

Install Before 29 February 2024 and save $500

Jump on our end-of-Summer offer to save $500 off the set-up price. We only have 2 more spots left for this offer so click below and book a call with Brendan to lock it in today.


Look after your customers

In Perth's strong cafe culture, competition is high. Returning customers need more than just great coffee – it's about the entire experience.

The Iced Espresso Keg System ensures your customers enjoy the best tasting iced latte without delay, elevating that experience every time they visit. 

Summer in Perth tests every café. With this system, you can meet the seasonal surge with confidence, serving rapid, refreshing iced lattes that keep your customers cool and coming back for more (despite the long lines!) 

“Our customers love the punchy flavour. Plus it’s super efficient. Consistent quality every single time, it’s magic!”
- Liv, Dropinz Coffee, Mullaloo

Look after your team

A happy team creates a happy café. 

Your team is the backbone of your café, and their well-being is so important. The Iced Espresso Keg System simplifies the coffee-making process, significantly reducing the pressure on your baristas during rush hours.

Empower your team with technology that complements their skills. This system makes it easier to manage large orders, letting your staff focus on service speed and engaging with customers. 

"Staff love it , It takes so much pressure off the morning rush" 
- Paul | Urban Kitchen, Balcatta

Look after yourself

Running a café is no small feat, and your peace of mind is crucial. The Iced Espresso Keg System is more than a tool; it's a solution that addresses the core challenges of café management. 

Invest in a system that grows your business while minimising your stress. Efficient service means increased customer retention and more opportunities for you to innovate and expand.

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