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Episode 35 - One Year of Coffee: Have We Learned Anything?

Episode 35 - One Year of Coffee: Have We Learned Anything?

A year ago, on the podcast, Chris made us a coffee at his house. He used pre-ground, dark-roasted coffee, which he kept in a plastic container.

It was truly terrible, and we were polite about it, but Chris couldn't have cared less about coffee as the co-host of a new coffee podcast.

A year later, and a year into sharing the stories and facts we love about coffee, we had a thought—how much has Chris really learned about it?

If Chris has picked up a thing or two, then surely our listeners have also?

So this week, to celebrate one year of the Filament Coffee podcast, Chris makes us another coffee as we sit down to interview him about the world's favourite beverage.

We ask him his number one tip for making great coffee at home, the type of cafe he would open and his opinion on decaf plus much, much more.

Also in this episode, one of our favourite listeners has written in once Moore and Aaron's first-ever ad read could be the best of the show's short history.

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