Episode 53 - The Story of Filament Coffee: A Screenplay By Chris Topher

Episode 53 - The Story of Filament Coffee: A Screenplay By Chris Topher

This is one to watch on video!

Oh what a special day it is when Chris puts in more than 3 minutes of preparation!

This week he told us he has something special ready, but we couldn't have imagined he'd written a complete scene from his new Screen-Play "The Story of Filament Coffee”

Before we run through the first table read, Aaron starts the episode off by discussing the huge cold coffee market, trends within and finishes by deciding that a teeth-whitening cold brew will be the next big thing.

We discuss a recent survey which highlights the complete disconnect between coffee consumers and the coffee farmers on what they believe is working from a sustainability perspective in the coffee industry. Turns out farmers just want to get paid properly whilst consumers think workplace conditions and the environment are more important.

Then comes Act 1 of The Story of Filament Coffee: A Screenplay by Chris Topher

Also in this episode:

Coffeenomics: C-Price steady
Health Advice: Too much Kahlua out the back of Collie
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