Episode 44 - Ripped Off Coffee Roaster: A $250,000 Mistake

Episode 44 - Ripped Off Coffee Roaster: A $250,000 Mistake

We're back for 2023!

In this episode, we dive into the story of the US-based coffee roaster who was ripped off $250,000 trying to make it in the wholesale market. Were they unlucky, or did they just stuff up their contract? What would Filament do?

We discuss the future of espresso, in Italy and everywhere else. Is it on the way out? We talk about the palate preference of coffee lovers in 2023, low caffeine options, exotic species, the comeback of blends, the availability of super-automatic espresso machines, re-adjusting to traditional brewing methods, freezing roasted coffee for storage, and growth of the home barista.

Then Chris tells you 5 ways to get steamy under the milk wand with that cute barista you've been daydreaming about.

Also in this episode:

Coffeenomics: C-Price looking good
Health Advice: Don't Quit, Live in the moment.
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Listener Question: The Woodvale Pattie Bandit


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