Episode 43 - New Years Eve 2022: Coffee Cocktails

Episode 43 - New Years Eve 2022: Coffee Cocktails

2022: The year that was in coffee. 

Matt Muhl joins us again this episode, this time to wrap up the highs and lows of coffee in 2022 whilst we enjoy two very unique coffee cocktail creations from Chris and Aaron.

Aaron creates a delicious, unique take on the classic Negroni and Chris wows us with a little trick he learned when traveling to make a coffee cocktail for the discrete grocery shopper.

We remember our own personal highlights of 2022, we discuss our 2023 resolutions and Chris introduces a guest that you literally will not believe.

Also in this episode: 

  • We diagnose Aaron's self-diagnosed condition 
  • We do some shout-outs to Brendan's family members 
  • We each give our best fiction book recommendations; AND
  • The final Health Advice With Chris for 2022

    Thank you to our listeners for your support in 2022,  we hope you all enjoy listening as much as we love recording. See you all in 2023 for more.


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