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Episode 23- Chris-tmas Special: Coffee in Alcohol Part 1

Episode 23- Chris-tmas Special: Coffee in Alcohol Part 1

Tis the season (Chris is back from harvest) and to celebrate we recorded our Filament Coffee Podcast Christmas Special!

We discuss our favourite Christmas traditions and exchange gifts while sampling a Perth beer and Perth whiskey made with coffee in this festive episode.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and this week we're joined by our second guest ever on the podcast, our dear friend (and family) Mr Gavin Aitkins. We've been looking forward to this one for a while.

Listen in to hear what Santa brought us, to see if you can guess which of us Santa is describing in his famous"this beer is you" game and why Chris wasn't invited to Gav's wedding. That plus our favourite Christmas Day traditions and an impromptu Christmas song.

Thanks so much to our listeners for supporting this new podcast this year, it's been a lot of fun and very special to have you tune in to our ramblings each week.

Stay safe, look after each other this festive season and have a very Merry Christmas x

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