Episode 15 - Milk In Coffee: Part Two

Episode 15 - Milk In Coffee: Part Two

If you drink one large flat white a day, you're drinking as much as 110 litres of milk with your morning coffee every year.

If you only drink one a day.

In 2021 we're more health and environmentally conscious than ever before. Drinking black coffee is a great way to take control of your calorie intake or your carbon footprint but the problem with drinking black coffee is that it just doesn't taste as good. Right? So we add milk.

By volume, the average large flat white is 85% milk so, in this episode, Brendan, Aaron and Chris finish up the discussion on Milk in Coffee by looking at the nutritional and environmental impact of drinking a coffee with this much milk every day.

And finally, if you've ever wanted to try to find a great black coffee (that you don't have to hide your tastebuds from with milk) we tell you four quick questions to ask yourself before ordering ✌️

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