We make black coffee
that you don't need to
add milk or sugar to.

Wake up and taste the coffee.

Simply specialty grade coffee and filtered water. Custom roasted and cold brewed right here in Perth to be enjoyed black.

Win the morning,
win the day.

Start today day fresh and focussed.
You haven't had black coffee like this

Our coffee is custom roasted and cold brewed here in Perth to slowly extract only the flavours you want in your cup. No bitterness that you need to cover up with milk.

Filament Coffee started
as an idea between two mates.

We wanted a better black coffee. So we made one.
We used to be accountants

In the office, black coffee was hard to do. The coffee was roasted dark and we needed milk to cover up its bitterness.

Then we discovered Australia's best kept coffee secret:

While 9 out of 10 Australians drink a milky coffee to start their day, those in the coffee industry all drink theirs black. What were we missing?

Coffee roasted for milk must be roasted dark

Othwerwise it tastes weak. The problem is it can only be served with milk. Ever ordered a long black at a cafe with only one type of coffee beans? It doesn't work - it wasn't roasted to be served black.

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