Episode 51 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Update & Some Critical Feedback

Episode 51 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Update & Some Critical Feedback

The Matt that matters most, Matt Muhl from Brightside Coffee joins us for the first time this year as we discuss all that is new and noteworthy in the world of coffee.

We kick off with a coffee update from Matt. Price relief is on the horizon,  with the Brazil harvest looking “absolutely baby glam” to quote the man himself.

With exports up for the world's biggest coffee producer, price relief is coming to all green bean buyers. Not for the consumer of course, just for us manufacturers who have been haemorrhaging cash for years.

Matt tells us about some exotic coffees he has his eye on for later in 2023 but warns us why buying expensive coffee can be risky.
Aaron then absolutely phones it in with some article about a journalist moving to Melbourne in 2019 and the worst thing that happened to her was drinking decaf coffee. Even Chris was unimpressed.

Chris saves the episode though with an article about a woman with an owl in her coffee and then Matt gets absolutely stuck into us with some critical feedback.

Also in this episode:

Coffeenomics: C-Price Down!
Health Advice: Long Jump Tips from Chris
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