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Episode 39 - Inflation, Coffee and the Sexist Barista

Episode 39 - Inflation, Coffee and the Sexist Barista

Have you ever ordered a couple of coffees and had the Barista assume the almond flat white was for the lovely lady, and the long black which she ordered was for the gentleman? It happens more than you think so this week, we try to get to the bottom of it.

Also; inflation and the price of a cup of coffee. Inflation isn't slowing down abroad or here in Australia - the cost of a cup of coffee has never been higher... but is it actually high enough? Given all the magic that goes into bringing a morning coffee to you, surely it's still a bargain?

And if that isn't enough economics of coffee: Aaron updates us on the C-Price and Dong Suh's Maxim White Gold in his Coffeenomics segment and Chris helps a helpless lady stuck in the car with her rehab on Health advice with Chris.

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Articles referenced in the episode:, Ben O'Shea, UK Restaurant And Coffee Prices Rise By Up To 26%, Matt Holden