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Episode 31- Three Simple Steps to Avoid Jitters and Caffeine Crash

Episode 31- Three Simple Steps to Avoid Jitters and Caffeine Crash

Coffee is our favourite thing. But, sometimes we overdo it. 

If you've ever had one too many cups and felt anxious or wired at your desk, an inability to focus (scrolling instead of working), yawning all afternoon and then lying wide awake at night—you might be over your caffeine tolerance.

As daily life get busier, more people are drinking more coffee than ever before to power through their day. 

As owners of a coffee business, we absolutely know how easy it is to build a caffeine tolerance and how important it is to be mindful of our caffeine intake so we can enjoy coffee all day, without the downside of the jitters and the crash.

So if you've ever felt your heart beating out of your chest after your third cup of the morning, and wondering why you feel so tired in the afternoon, listen in as we talk through three simple steps to stop the shakes, stop your heart pounding out of your chest, and stop the mid-afternoon crash—without missing out on coffee!

1. Find your caffeine tolerance
2. Calculate your actual daily consumption
3. Adjust for your day

Also in this episode, Aaron shares his number one tip for a bootstrapped business start-up and Chris was here too.

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