Episode 29 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Roasting

Episode 29 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Roasting

This week we're joined once again by our dear friend and resident coffee expert, Matt Muhl of Brightside Coffee, to discuss the art and science of turning green beans brown.

The roaster's transformation of the fibrous, grassy, green seed of a coffee cherry into the rich, complex and aromatic marvel that is the coffee bean we all know and love is a simple theory that is quite complex in practice.

We dive into both this week with Matt before discussing his roasting philosophies and how you can roast coffee at home using everyday household appliances!

Also, in this episode, we reveal our significant others' most annoying coffee habit, and Aaron receives some more sound parenting advice (we recorded before the 2022 Oscars ceremony and all references to smacks and slaps are purely coincidental).

Visit Brightside Coffee at www.brightside.coffee to order delicious roasted coffee or green beans delivered to your door.

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