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Episode 20 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Farming in Australia

Episode 20 - Matt Muhl: Coffee Farming in Australia

Australia has a world famous cafe culture, but did you know we grow coffee here too? Approximately 600 tonnes of Australian grown coffee was produced in 2020, but the majority of Australians have never tried it.

This week we're joined on the podcast by our great friend, coffee roaster and coffee expert, Matt Muhl to discuss Australia's coffee farming industry.

Where in Australia do we grow coffee? What impact does the relative higher cost of labour have on our coffee farmers and what practices are they using to remain profitable? What does it taste like and how can you get your hands on some?

We answer these questions and more, and also welcome Matt onto The Ranch on this week's episode of the Filament Coffee Podcast.

Visit Matt's Brightside Coffee online here.

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