We understand that your time is precious.  Everything we do, and how we do it, is intended to make things easy for you.  Please use this for context when reading this guide. We love to hear your feedback as this is how we get better.


1. Costs

The only ongoing costs to your business are THE COLD BREW and GAS (IF GAS APPLIEs TO YOU).

We have communicated to you the price of our coffee and your expected profit and margin.

Note: We conduct an annual pricing review.  You will be notified of any changes and these will commence 1 July (if applicable).

If you intend to use a self-pouring 7L system then you will not require a gas cylinder (and the remainder of this section is not relevant to you).


We recommend you rent a D2 size cylinder of food grade Nitrogen from BOC Gas & Gear.  This is the smallest cylinder available from BOC and is about 60cm tall.  Depending on usage, a full cylinder should last you at least a couple of months.

Note: Filament Cold Brew must be served with Nitrogen gas - CO2 and other mixed gasses have a negative impact on the taste of cold brew. Nitrogen is also inert and helps extend the shelf-life (explained further in section 2. below).  The gas is food grade and makes up approximately 78% of the air we breathe.

We have a special pricing arrangement with BOC for Filament wholesale customers (we do not receive any commissions and discounts are passed on, in full to you).

  • Nitrogen regulator - paid for by Filament.

  • First cylinder fill - free of charge, delivered free to commercial premises.

  • Cylinder refill - about $59.20 (GST exclusive), delivered free to commercial premises.

  • Rental charge - about $0.55/day (GST exclusive).

You will need to register for your own BOC account and sign a pricing agreement.  We will put you in touch with our BOC representative, Corey Bareli, who will facilitate all of this and arrange delivery of your first cylinder.  Once your account is setup it is easiest to order refills online.

We will install your gas cylinder as part of our on-boarding process.

Note: The right hand dial on your Nitrogen regulator indicates the volume of gas remaining in the cylinder.  When the needle hits zero we suggest ordering a refill immediately.  The dial is similar to the fuel gauge in your car - when it hits empty, there will be a little bit of gas remaining that should get you through until a new cylinder arrives - BOC can generally deliver next day.  When ordering your refill make sure you also book a cylinder return (i.e. the empty cylinder to be collected).

When a new cylinder arrives we recommend you get the delivery driver to change it over for you.


If Squealer fills and refills will be part of your cold brew offering, we will supply you with the bottles, capped and labelled.  We carry reasonable stock of the bottles and on-charge them to you at cost price ($5, GST exclusive).  Please use the ‘comments’ section of our order form to alert us if you need more bottles and we will deliver these at the same time as your next coffee order.

We will invoice the bottles to you in accordance with our invoicing policy (see section 5. below).  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to supply you with bottles when requested because our stock is contingent upon availability from a third party.

Note: We recommend that you recover the cost of the bottle from your customer and indicate that it is theirs to keep.

Note: If you are serving Squealers for fill and refill we expect that you will maintain sufficient stock of fresh Filament Classic Cold Brew.  This will ensure our mutual customers are able to get a top up at their convenience.  We reserve the right to cease supply and collect any equipment on loan if you breach this agreement.


The best before date applicable to Filament Cold Brew is four weeks from the date it was brewed (refer to the label on the lid of the keg).

All atmospheric air is purged from the keg using 100% food grade Nitrogen gas.  Nitrogen is an inert gas which means the coffee does not oxidise and the flavour is maintained for longer.  To maintain absolute freshness we endeavour to rotate your stock every two weeks, and your order quantities should reflect this.

We will work closely with you for the first month or two to understand your usage.  We can then adjust your order quantities and delivery schedule to reflect your volume needs.  During the colder months we encourage our customers who order 18L kegs to consider ‘half-fills’ to ensure normal stock rotation.

Note: You are not required to label (best before date, nutritional information etc) Filament Cold Brew because it is packaged in the presence of the purchaser.  This applies to Filament Cold Brew served by the cup or in a take home Squealer.

Note: Keeping your Filament Cold Brew at our recommended storage temperature will also prolong the shelf-life (see section 3. below).


Our recommended serving size is 250mL.  This is equivalent to about 2 to 2.5 espresso shots and is good value for the customer.  In our email to you we included information on how to source compostable cups.

Note: These should be clear cups, particularly if you are serving Filament Nitro Cold Brew, because the visual appeal of the coffee is an important selling point.

If you are using gas in your customised cold brew system you will need to disconnect the gas from the kegs and turn it off overnight.

3a - Self-pouring 7L systems

Serving from our self-pouring 7L systems is simple.  We utilise a ‘snap on’ tap with a flow-control lever to adjust the speed of pour from the keg.  We will provide you with training on how to connect/disconnect the tap and adjust the flow-control lever as part of our on-boarding process. No power or gas is required to pour.

These systems should be stored in the fridge (at or around 4 to 5 degrees celsius) at all times.  Please ensure you have sufficient fridge space at your business premises - without the snap on tap connected, the dimensions are about 22cm diameter by 37cm tall.

We understand that you may need to remove the keg from the fridge during peak periods for convenience.  If this is the case we will supply you with a neoprene keg jacket to insulate the unit.  We do not recommend storing the keg at room temperature for more than two hours - all coffee should be served on ice during this period.

3b - Filament Classic Cold Brew

When serving Filament Classic Cold Brew from a 9 or 18L keg, using Nitrogen gas, we recommend maintaining a serving pressure of between 20 and 25 psi (pounds per square inch).  You can regulate the pouring speed using a flow-control tap and/or a ‘stout spout’.  We will provide you with the most suitable equipment for your setup.

The left hand dial on your Nitrogen regulator indicates the serving pressure.  We will provide you with training on how to set and adjust this as part of our on-boarding process.

Note: When dispensing from a self-pouring 7L system or standard Filament Classic Cold Brew setup you may notice some slight foaming in the cold brew.  These are microbubbles of Nitrogen gas and are not harmful.  When filling a Squealer, the microbubbles create a ‘blanket’ of Nitrogen gas beneath the cap that assists with shelf-life at home.

3c - Filament Nitro Cold Brew 

To pour the perfect Filament Nitro Cold Brew every time, two things are important (above all others) - temperature and pressure.  Keeping these both constant is essential to maximising the ‘Guinness’ or ‘cascading’ effect.

The coffee needs to be kept ice cold (at or around 4 to 5 degrees celsius) and we recommend serving over a small amount of ice.  Serving pressure should be between 45 and 50 psi.  Incorrect serving pressure can result in a ‘poor pour’.

Note: Serving Filament Nitro Cold Brew does not require a flow-control tap because the flow is regulated by the stout spout.


We currently provide free maintenance for equipment loaned to you.  This is performed according to a documented maintenance schedule.

We conduct a review of our maintenance costs annually, at the same time as our price review.  We will never charge a maintenance fee without first consulting with you.

Note: Our maintenance schedule ensures your Filament Cold Brew dispensing equipment is kept sanitary and in good working order.  It is your responsibility to follow our cleaning instructions during the interim periods - we will communicate these to you as part of our on-boarding process.

If you have an issue with equipment loaned to you, and this cannot be resolved over the phone, we will attend your premises as soon as possible.  We will not be liable for any loss of business if you are unable to serve Filament Cold Brew.


To ensure the Filament Cold Brew we deliver to you is as fresh as possible, we brew to order.  We maintain a low level of contingency stock to fulfil late or unexpected orders, however we cannot guarantee supply if you order is not received by the close day and time.

5a - Online ordering system

Our ordering system is online.  Once we understand your volume needs we will adjust your ordering frequency to ensure efficient delivery of fresh Filament Cold Brew.  This is either weekly or fortnightly and can be adjusted for peak and trough periods.

In any given week, the timeline is:

  1. Monday AM, you receive an email from us requesting your order.  This is a good chance to check your stock levels in anticipation of an order, or place your recurring order (if your usage is predictable).

  2. Tuesday AM, you receive a reminder email from us requesting your order.

  3. Tuesday AM, you receive a reminder SMS from us requesting your order.  You will not receive a text from us if you have already placed your order.

  4. Tuesday PM, orders close at 5pm.

  5. Friday AM, your fresh Filament Cold Brew is delivered.

Note: We order freshly roasted coffee every Tuesday evening.  This is roasted Wednesday AM and then delivered to the Filament brew house.  Our cold brew is put to bed (i.e. the brew process begins) on Thursday AM and your Filament Cold Brew is filtered and kegged fresh on Friday AM.

Orders are made via your personalised Order Form.  You can test this form here in blank format.  Once you have completed our New Customer Form we will set up your personalised Order Form.  You can request seasonal coffees in the ‘comments’ section of your order form - these are the Chocolate Fox, Fruit Chimp and Direct Trade Nitro.

5b - Delivery

We currently deliver for no cost to the Perth metro area, subject to our minimum order quantity of $100 (GST exclusive).  Deliveries are made on Friday in accordance with your ordering frequency and we will pick up empty kegs when we drop off fresh coffee to you.

We may consider waiving any applicable delivery fee on your first two orders while we establish your volume needs and during winter when cold brew demand is lower.

We reserve the right to charge a delivery fee in all circumstances.  You have absolute discretion of whether or not to accept this delivery fee if it is passed on to you.

You can find our terms and conditions of delivery here.

5c - Invoicing

Invoices are issued after your fresh Filament Cold Brew is delivered and terms are 7 days.


To help promote Filament Cold Brew at your business and maximise sales we have a range of resources that you might be interested in.  These include A-frames, educational flyers, serving coasters, tasting notes and branded tap medallions.  

We can customise signage and co-brand if you have a unique target audience or offering, in these circumstances we will look to share the costs.

As part of the on-boarding process we would love to discuss the opportunity to run an ‘activation’ event to introduce Filament Cold Brew to your customers.  This includes subsidising the costs of coffee if you would like to organise a discounted or free event.

We can also donate time and/or customise an offering for any promotional event that you may run at your business from time to time. We encourage you to share any Filament Cold Brew news via social media and tag us.  Our social media IDs are:

  • Instagram: @filament.coffee.

  • Facebook: /filament.coffee.perth.

We will also share information about you with our followers.  Feel free to reach out if there is a shared campaign that you would like to run.

To find out what others think about our cold brew, checkout these articles written by The Urban List - Perth:


We expect that you will, at all times, serve Filament Cold Brew in accordance with our instructions and recommended shelf-life.  We reserve the right to cease supply and collect any equipment of ours you hold if you breach this agreement.

To ensure a degree of parity across our suppliers, we insist on pricing that is similar to ours - that is, $5 for a cup and $15 for a squealer refill.  This is particularly important for squealer refills so there is no bias when our customers want a top up.  We will discuss this with you during the on-boarding process.