Get To Know Pro-Surfer Anthony Spencer and his Filament Coffee Routine

Anthony Spencer is currently ranked 33rd in the world on the World Surf League Longboard Competition and has his mind set on climbing the ranks and qualifying full time for the world tour. His first goal is to make the top 10. 

 Growing up in Trigg and living roughly 200 metres from arguably the best surf break in Perth, Anthony was destined to choose the competitive surfing pathway. All the way through school Anthony would get up before dawn to surf his local spot before the school day started and then would be straight back down to his stomping ground for an after-school surf. Surfing was a passion of Anthony’s and constantly improving drove him to surf more and more.

 He began competing in short-board surfing competitions locally and would get a win here and there. After a few years of competing in the short board scene Anthony became disheartened by the competitive nature of the sport. He took a break from competitive surfing and he found longboarding brought back the excitement he’d lost. Entering his first longboarding competition he realised the competitive scene was much more relaxed and enjoyable and that’s what he wanted to pursue. 

For the first time in months Anthony felt that love for surf that had been missing. Surfing the log was fun and he dug that. Anthony immediately bought a longboard and sold a few of his short boards.

 Fast forward a year and Anthony was back to competing in his new sport, longboard surfing. Last monthhe competed in the Noosa Longboard Festival and had a pleasing result. His eyes are now set on the upcoming competition in Spain (August) and New York (September) with the new and revamped longboard tour announced in January. 

 Anthony is seemingly living the dream, travelling the globe with his long boards and loving every moment, but is aware that the WSL Longboard competition is a far less lucrative career compared to his previous short board route. 

 When speaking to Anthony about this he put it simply and said “as long as I’m amped and having fun on the sport I’ll continue to compete. It’s tough coming up with the cash to fly around the world, especially when you’re outside of the top 10, but hopefully with some more exposure and hype behind the sport there will be more opportunities to represent brands with aligning values. That’s the goal I’ve set myself and I can’t wait to push my surfing”

 Anthony’s ambition to become the best in the world is no small task and in order to get there he realises he must focus on what he puts in his body. In recent times, he has listened to his body and knows exactly what keeps him healthy. This new-found interest in nutrition was sparked after a trip to Bali two years ago. Anthony was surfing five hours a day and pre-surf he would make good use of the free guest house serves of banana pancakes with two scoops of ice-cream on top. He would sometimes eat four or five servings before heading out in the surf. After a week of doing this he found himself hugging a toilet bowl with severe stomach cramps and pain shooting around his body. He knew this wasn’t Bali belly but something more serious. After testing it was discovered that Anthony was gluten intolerant and less seriously lactose intolerant.  Nowadays diet is everything to Anthony. Anything that Anthony consumes is properly researched. 

 Below is Anthony’s new pre-surf boost. He’s come a long way since his five servings of pancakes and the proof is in the pudding.


Anthony’s Daily Filament Cold Brew Smoothie

150mL Filament Cold brew coffee

1 1/2 frozen banana

1 tablespoon cacoa powder

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 Serving of protein powder

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Couple dates

Coconut water

Almond milk

1 teaspoon Greens powder

1 teaspoon Maca Powder


From the team at Filament Coffee, we wish Anthony all the best in his endeavours to be the best. We feel honoured to be providing Anthony with the cleanest coffee he can get his hands on and are stoked to be helping him competing at his best. 

 Cheers Anthony.

Brendan Gillam