The benefits of cold brew coffee for those who are Physically Active


Firstly, a little overview of cold brew and Filament Coffee. We share a passion for coffee and are running our company in a way that coexists with our values of sustainability, flavour and sharing coffee with family and friends. The core product is cold brew coffee, which is coffee that has been immersed in cold water for up to 24 hours. Using time instead of heat to extract flavour results in a smooth coffee with low bitterness and solid caffeine content.

Cold brew coffee has benefits for those who are physically active.

1. What you see is what you get

Cold brew coffee, in it's simplest form, contains two ingredients, freshly ground coffee and water. This ticks so many boxes for those who are conscious about what they put into their body. Pre-workouts and energy drinks can be effective but often contain processed sugars and unknown additives.

Cold brew is clean energy.

2. Cold brew contains zero calories

The cold brewing technique results in a smoother, sweeter coffee - perfect to enjoy black. This is great news if you are intermittent fasting or tracking your macro-nutrient intake.

If you like a splash of dairy, or a non-dairy alternative then no stress. Add a splash of your favourite milk for a light and refreshing white coffee. Or try our Nitrogen Infused option!

3. Improves athletic performance

When consumed prior to a workout, cold brew can help you give 100% in a workout.

The performance benefits of caffeine are well known and cold brew packs a punch in this department The long contact time between the ground coffee and brew water results in a high caffeine extraction.

A 250mL serve contains caffeine that is equivalent to about 2.5 espresso shots.

4. Kind on your gut

Recent studies have found that cold brew coffee is great if you've got a sensitive gut.

This is because cold brew is generally lower in acidity than espresso coffee. Acid can aggravate the lining in your digestive system resulting in inflammation and potentially reflux.

So give cold brew a go if you love your coffee, but your body is not so sure!

5. Full of flavour and flexible

Cold brew ticks the health boxes and also tastes damn fine! It's certainly no brussels sprout

Whether it's a tasty seasonal single origin or our ethically sourced house brew, you won't be disappointed.

It's also ready prepared. This makes cold brew a quick and easy option to add to your morning or afternoon shake. What's your favourite recipe?

Brendan Gillam